Strategic Plan

SLI has made significant progress in improving the quality of services to consumers and our community. This plan represents our ongoing commitment to continue this tradition by focusing our efforts and resources strategically, wisely, and reflective of the organization’s mission. A variety of resources, data and information is utilized in the development of this plan. These resources include but are not limited to: Outcome Measurement System, Satisfaction Survey Results (from clients, staff and stakeholders), Risk Management Plan, Technology Plan, Accessibility Plan, budget and financial statements, demographic information, legislative and regulatory requirements, monthly management reports, Safety Committee recommendations, Human Rights Committee recommendations and available funds and resources to implement the plan.

This plan will be reviewed/revised annually or as needed by the board of directors. This plan is shared with clients and families, community stakeholders, staff and donors. The most recent revision to this plan was July 2018.

Fundraising and Fund Development / Financial Strength and Stability

A stable financial structure is critical to the successful implementation of the strategic plan. In light of federal legislation and increasing state accountability, oversight of our financial system and overall financial health drives our efforts to use dollars effectively and efficiently. This strategic area encompasses activities aimed at developing and maintaining resources to set the foundation for supporting and maintaining the services provided to our consumers while sustaining financial viability and health.

Client Services and Programming

At the heart of our organization are the programs and services designed to address the needs of the consumers, families, and the community we serve. To that end services must be periodically reviewed to determine efficacy and viability, community needs assessed and opportunities for new services identified. They must be aligned with our mission and vision.

Infrastructure and Organization Capacity

Human resources and the basic facilities, technology based support, and homes of SLI form the foundation for this organization. Ensuring capacity in these arenas creates an enabling environment for service delivery and development. Resource development and periodic review of our human resources and basic facilities is vital in determining how and where improvements should be made.


It is of primary importance that a governance plan demonstrates the respective roles board and staff play in governance of the organization. Leadership, management and delegation processes for board operations and staff operations must be able to respond to changing environments and changing conditions while maintaining focus on the mission and vision of the agency.