SLI Covid Protocols

SLI is doing all we can to keep ourselves and our community healthy, informed, and educated about the COVID-19 global pandemic. Please review the information below for the current procedures and protocols of the organization. Information will be updated as changes occur.

Effective September 13, 2021, SLI will monitor weekly cases in Shawnee County to determine an increase or decrease in positive cases each week. Once three continuous weeks of decreases in positive cases are seen for Shawnee County, SLI will announce a “re-open” date and make plans to move back to normal practices. SLI will be utilizing the Shawnee County Health Department numbers each Friday. 

Protocols for day service and community living supports:

  • SLI’s Community Integration Program (day services) at 3401 SW Harrison and the Retirement Program at 36th St remain closed for services until further notice. 
  • The people receiving day services with SLI who live in a SLI Community Living home are receiving their day supports from their home.
  • The people who live in a SLI Community Living home who receive day services with other providers are also receiving day services in their SLI Community Living home. 
  • SLI will offer outreach to clients who participate in day services and live at home with family or on their own if they choose for us to do so.  
  • Clients who are employed in the community are continuing their regular work schedule as long as they agree to wear a mask, social distance to the extent possible, and change clothing/shower when returning home. 
  • With the exception of community employment, community activities of any type that expose clients and staff to people not living in their homes have stopped until further notice. 

Protocols for parents, family members, and guardians:

  • Parents, family members, and guardians may continue to make visits to the homes as long as there are no individuals who have tested positive and are still in quarantine/isolation period.  All parents, family members, and guardians are being notified as quickly as possible when we receive notice of a positive test.
  • Outdoor visits are encouraged, but, you are welcome to enter the home as long as you are fully vaccinated, wear a mask, and visit your loved one in an area of the home that allows social distancing from everyone else living in the home. We kindly ask that you limit visits as much as possible for the time being.
  • We respectfully ask that parents, family members, friends, and guardians do not take their loved one to their own home or elsewhere. Our goal is to limit potential exposures to the fullest extent possible and to have knowledge about where any potential exposures or infections start for tracing purposes. 
  • The community activities that will be permitted include activities outdoors and/or away from contact with other people except for contact with people who live in their home and staff that support them.

Protocols for administrative and direct support personnel:

  • All administrative personnel are required to wear a mask, vaccinated or unvaccinated, when working in the office or working at or visiting one of the homes or any other activity such as meetings in person. All are required to take and report temperature upon entering the facility.
  • All programs will be closed to new admissions until further notice. Special consideration may be given in extreme circumstances if approved by the CDDO.
  • All meetings are expected to take place virtually in all instances except under circumstances that simply don’t allow for it.
  • Administrative personnel are encouraged to work remotely as is possible. 
  • We kindly ask our employees to be cautious when engaging in activities outside of work as well.  Please consider wearing a mask when going to public spaces, even if not required by a particular business or organization. Please consider limiting activities that create exposure risks.
  • SLI employees are expected to follow the guidelines of all local businesses and medical offices.  
  • SLI will continue to do tracking of all reported symptoms, tests, and results of tests. That information will also continue to be reported immediately to the CDDO. 
  • Contact tracing, to the extent possible, will also continue.  
  • SLI employees who test positive are required to report the test result to SLI’s Workforce Development department.  They will be given instructions on isolation protocols based on their situation.  

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