COVID-19 update from Heartland Homecare Pharmacy

March 14 - 12:39 pm

I have just heard from the owner of the pharmacy that we utilize for our clients at SLI. They have done an exceptional job getting prepared to ensure continuity of services to their customers. They specialize in providing medications to the IDD population and are very aware of our unique situation and needs.  The following summarizes the information I have just received from the pharmacy owner:

  1. No shortages are expected on regular medications at this time
  2. Shortages in antibiotics and nebulizers (used primarily to treat respiratory symptoms) may be anticipated
  3. Our pharmacy, Heartland Homecare, has ordered and purchased ahead additional antibiotics and nebulizers, in particular, those that our clients have used the most of in the last year.
  4. Supplies that are out of stock include gloves, masks of all kinds, hand sanitizers, and hand soaps.  SLI has purchased additional gloves, masks and gowns and as of now we have a fair amount in inventory.
  5. Heartland Homecare will continue to deliver our medications as they have been but will call ahead to inform us they are coming and drop medications at door rather than entering any facility.  This will remain in place as long as our office staff continue to work at our office site at 3401 SW Harrison.  Should offices close, medications will be delivered to each home as needed following the same protocol.

I want to thank Heartland Homecare for their continued excellent service to our clients and their foresight to plan ahead. 

Lisa Jackson

SLI & FSLI President/CEO